The Career Center and the Career Services Staff offer many opportunities for students, parents, teachers, employers and the Manchester community. A selection of resources on colleges, careers, scholarships, employment and financial aid are available for everyone to use. The Career Center and staff provide services varying from college, career and employment searches to assisting students in preparing for interviews and job skills. Internet access connects everyone to the World Wide Web and the vast resources on colleges, careers, financial aid, and much more. The Career Center is open every school day. The purpose of this site is designed to help students, parents, teachers, employers and the Manchester community member who are unable to make it to the Career Center at Manchester High School.
We’re Here for You
Manchester High School’s Career Services are available to assist students and their parents with career, college and employment information. For students that are not too sure of what you want to do, sign up and take a career assessment to discover some of your interests and abilities. The Career Center can be a valuable tool in your career, college and employment search, stop in and begin your journey.

Contact Information:
Mark Danaher, Career Center Teacher – 860-647-3390
Lisa Bumbera, School-Business Coordinator – 860-647-3563

Fax: 860-647-3363

The following links provide information for students who are researching post-secondary options:

Financial Aid
Gap Year
Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Job Readiness
Job Shadowing
Career/Proprietary Schools
Technical & Vocational Programs
Working Papers